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On November 18, Emmanuel College celebrated its traditional Interfaith Thanksgiving Prayer Service. The prayer service had been scheduled and planned weeks ago by the Cardinal Sean O’Malley Center for Mission and Ministry. The service was modified to include prayers for last week’s violent events.  Few times has the interfaith service has been as important as this year, in the wake of last week’s deadly terrorist attacks in Lebanon and France.

Students, faculty and staff from different faiths came together to pray for the victims of the attacks and to remind us that no religion accepts those actions. We recognized the importance of all faiths praying together and do not allow violence to create divisions.

The community expressed gratitude for the goodness of God, for our faith and for the freedom and peace we experience in our country and in our Emmanuel community.

thanksgiving 2

As in previous years, students from Mission Grammar joined our celebration. The fourth grade students were accompanied by their teachers Keenan Flowers and Emmanuel alumna Courtney Gately.