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On Sunday, October 11th Kendyll Messina ’10 married Michael Faherty in the Emmanuel College Chapel. When asked why it was important for them to be married at Emmanuel College the couple shared the below story:

Kendyll and Mike met through mutual friend Cait Silveira (then Cait Kelly). Kendyll and Cait were roommates at Emmanuel College during their Junior/Senior years and Mike and Cait knew each other from their high school/college job at the local grocery store back home.

It was the summer of 2009 when Cait moved into the St. Joseph’s dorm as a Head Orientation Leader and as fate would have it Kendyll and Mike just happened to visit her on the same day at the same time! After the first date, they knew they had found something special.

It was on their 5 year anniversary that Mike asked Kendyll to dinner in the Fenway to celebrate. After a nice dinner, Mike suggested they go for a walk around the Fenway since it had been a while since they had been in the area. They ended up walking through the Emmanuel College campus and as they passed St. Joseph’s dorm (the place where they first met) Mike got down on one knee and proposed! Kendyll was so surprised and excited and has not stopped smiling since!

Although Mike graduated from Suffolk, Class of 2009, the Emmanuel College campus holds many special memories for Kendyll and Mike as it’s where their story began and a place they will treasure for always.

messina wedding3

The Chapel was packed with friends and family on this wonderful day.  Father John Spencer, S.J., Emmanuel College Chaplain and Vice President for Mission & Ministry presided at the Mass; but perhaps one of the most touching pieces was that the marriage rite was performed by the bride’s grandfather Deacon Joseph Messina.

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Please join us in Mission & Ministry as we offer Kendyll and Michael our prayers and best wishes for their marriage and new life together!